Sotar Strike Raft-13,6″ For Sale

Sotar Strike

For Sale: Sotar Strike raft. This raft was made in 2019, and is a 13,6.’ The perfect fly fishing raft. These are made in Oregon, and are the finest, toughest rafts out there. It is designed to fly fish out of, not whitewater raft. It’s an amazing raft. Read this about the Strike.

This raft is in great condition. It has always been stored indoors, and there are no patches. The price is just for the rubber. No frame, oars, etc. If you want to ask why I’m selling it, well, I just got a brand new one, same raft.

This raft has the lexitron top chafe on it. New Strike’s sell for $6,400, plus $400 for the top chafe. The build times are up to almost a year out on these. They are hard boats to get. Get this while it’s hot.

Selling for $4,950.00