Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-4-27-22

Truckee River Brown Trout

Pretty good Spring fishing on the Truckee River. At least it feels like Spring, not Winter now. Wind is always the issue this time of year. It has been windy. 

Flows are pretty typical Spring flows. Not blown out, just kinda big, or somewhat normal, for a normal Spring like this. Some years the Truckee River is pumping, some years not. Seems like we’re right in the middle with flows this year. Good clarity all up and down the river. Even out East, on the lower river.

Speaking of the flows, the entire river from around Squaw Valley, down all the way to Derby in Nevada, has good flows. You can’t always say that. That’s a lot of river miles, and a lot of trout cruising around.

So nymph ’em, streamer fish, etc. Cover some water until you get some fish. I feel we cover a lot of water this time of year as fish aren’t in every pocket and cranny like in Summer. You have to find a good soft bucket. Then move on and find another. You’ll end up walking a long ways. Sometimes it’s nice to be in the raft.