Truckee River Fishing Report-4-7-22

Truckee River Brown Trout Nevada

More wind for the Truckee River Fly Fishing Report.

Winds been pretty gnarly lately. Since the end of March, it really hasn’t stopped. Of course, we needed that rain and snow and cooler temps, but man, enough already. Looking good of the weekend though. Just have to make it too Weds.

Flows got big. 1000 k, here in the Hirsch, 1,300 near Farad, and a bit lower in Nevada. Clarity is good here, a bit dirty down lower. It changes daily on what the high temps are. This weekend is should get warm, and we will dirty up again. It can be dirty in the mornings, and clear up in the afternoons.

We’re sitting at about 102% of average snowpack, but only about 50% water content. We’ll see how that pans out come late Summer, but we should have much more water than last year.

So you have to give them trouts something they can see when the water gets big and dirty. Streamers and bigger nymphs are key. You actually have to be more stealthy now, then when the waters lower. Fish are right on the banks. If you wade in, you’ve likely just walked on top of Walter that was sitting there. When the waters lower, we fish in the middle, when it’s high, we fish on the sides.