Truckee River Fishing Report-5-15-22

Streamer Fishing Truckee River

Spring has finally sprung on the Truckee River.

Cold and wind for all of April, and now, well, prefect weather. Finally. We did good in April, and made up a lot for our dismal, Jan-March, lack of snow. Most of the lakes and res., are pretty full.

Good, good fishing for the Truckee River Fly Fishing Report. Hard to beat weather in the 70’s, and a nice big flowing Truckee River. She’s dirtied up a bit with the warm weather, but clarity is still pretty good.

Remember to find the soft inside water. Trouts will be in water about 2-5 feet deep, at a slow walking pace. Find that, you’ll have success. Flies shouldn’t matter all that much as long as you find the right water. Streamer fishing can be very good in the spring too. Still a lot of march browns and bwo. The caddis, and stonefly hatches should still be about 3 weeks away.