Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-5-27-22

Truckee River Brown Trout Euro Nymphing

Summer weather on the Truckee River. We look to have some cooling for the weekend, and back to the 70’s next week. Perfect weather.

We’re having a good week. The warm weather kicked the river into acton and put water temps in the 50’s. 50’s is perfect. That kicks trout into high gear. 52-62, is what you’re looking for. We should stay in that temp frame for most of June. Mornings will have cool water temps, and they heat up in the afternoon. The best time frame on the Truckee River is usually about, 8-12 am. Anytime can be good, but mid-morning is always best. Give it a few more weeks and we’ll see caddis. That’s always good for the evening dry fly fishing. You’ll see caddis and a lot of Summer bugs out near Reno already. That waters pretty big in there right now, and tough to wade all that urban stuff.

Flows are good and high. Fish in close. Trouts are not in the middle. You should be fishing where you’re wading.