Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-6-5-22

Drift Boat Fly Fishing Truckee River

Great fishing on the Truckee River.

I don’t say it much, usually we have to put in work on this river, but it’s been really good lately, and easier fishing than normal. Like I say, we always get a 2-3 week stretch when the Truckee really shines.

Flows have come down, about 650 cfs, here in Hirschdale, about the same West of Reno.

Unless I specifically state the, Nevada side of the Truckee River, the fishing report is usually always based from Hirschdale to the state line in California.

We had pale morning duns make an appearance this weekend, along with bwos, and march browns. You should nymph with the above. Green drakes will arrive shorty, caddis too, and golden stones. Pretty much everything will explode this week when the water warms with the hot weather.

On the Nevada side, flows are now more wading friendly. It’s hard to fish that stuff when flows are up. Should be good to go now. You won’t see me down by the ball park with the bums, and needles, and shopping carts in the river, but their is a lot other great water near Reno, that’s much nicer. Big trouts on the Nevada side.