Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-6-20-22

Truckee River Fly Fishing Nevada

Good fishing and cool weather on the Trucker River.

The weathers been the big thing. Cool weekends, and mild during the week. Really hasn’t felt much like summer yet, though I know the heats coming.

Flow have come down to average/normal. Much easier wading all up and down the river.

This week, looks to get back into maybe the low 80’s. Fish the pocket water. You pretty much have to stick to that patten until the fall. When it starts getting hot, the fishing is actually really good every morning. If you have the right formula, and know how to fish the pocket water, you can have success every day. Like I say, I’d rather have a beginner that’s in shape and can wade, then someone that has fly fished their whole lives and can’t get around good. In the summer, if you can’t wade the river, you will not have success on the Truckee.

Green Drakes came off big on Saturday. Epic. Look for them every evening, or on cloudy days for the next few weeks. They and along with Flavs come off pretty good on the LT until about mid-July’ish.