Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-7-25-22

Truckee River Rainbow Reno

It got hot.

The heat has finally arrived on the Truckee River. 90 this week in Truckee, 100 in Reno. Dog days.

Get out early if you want to catch fish. Afternoons will be lousy fishing. We might get a push of afternoon t-storms this week. That’ll help cool things off. We just don’t want the dry lightning. It’ll start today in Mono County, and work it’s way up the Eastern Sierra tomorrow.

Get out early and get done by about noon. Water temps are not an issue on the Ca side, below Boca. Of course, water temps are pretty warm down through Reno, and especially out East. Trouts will not bite when the water gets hot, so your best bet is to do something else. We’ll have a month of hot weather. Come late August, it’s hot during the day, but cools dramatically at night. We’ll get our first dusting of snow in September.

Fish are on them crayfish. You might have a good day, and a piss poor day the next. I think it being that they are just loaded up on the real thing, and don’t need our fake shit. Fish that pocket water.