Tight Line-Euro Nymph Clinic-8-21-22

Euro Nymph Clinic Truckee River

Tight Line Nymph Clinic on the Truckee River, Saturday August 20th is now Sold out.

Another new Clinic date in now on the 21st. 

My old write up on this is gone. Lost about 6 years of blog posts when my site went to a new server.

Tight Line Nymphing is my bread and butter. 80% of the time, I’m doing it on the Truckee River. Unless, we’re streamer fishing in the raft, that’s probably how I’m guiding, without the bobber. It’s a more intuitive way to nymph. Of course, I like to fish big dries, and all that other fun shit. If you want to see fish on the Truckee River, learn to nymph, and Euro is the best rig. The best Truckee River anglers all fished it, or have fished some sort of it. Randy Johnson, Andy Burk, Doug O. I’ve learned from all those guys. If you want to school some fish, well, get schooled. ESN has caught on. Lots of folks doing it here now on the Truckee River.

It ain’t chuck and duck like Sockeye fishing in AK. It’s moving your flies. Sorry, the 2 old timers that told me that lately. Anyone can catch fish in Alaska.

I got all the flies, and all the goodies for the clinic.

We’ll build our leaders, and tie the knots. I’ll teach you the needle nail knot.

You can show up with nothing, and use my rods for the clinic, or use yours. Bring your Euro rod if you have one. Bring your reel for sure though.

Not even worth bringing a 9 foot 5wt. That’s like nymphing with a 2X4.

I get asked this a lot, so here’s my answer:

Over beers the other afternoon, got into a good conversation on rods, for the Truckee River. A 4110, is the best tool for the Truckee River. Notice, I say tool. 10 foot 4wt. I you want to land these big animals, you need the proper tool. An 11 foot 2 wt, or 3 wt, is a toy. Sorry, it is. I don’t even fish a Euro rod. Just a regular old, 4100. A 3 wt, Euro rod is ok, as long as it’s not over 10,6.”

We’re gonna meet at 8:00 off the Hirschdale exit. We’ll go for 4 hours or so. Cost is $250. Give me a call if you’d like to attend.