Truckee River Fly Fishing Report September 17 2022

Hirschdale Truckee River Fly Fishing

Mixed weather on the Truckee River.

Nice in the mornings, and heavy smoke in the afternoons. The fly fishing on the Truckee River, is off the hook though, no pun intended. Been a minute since we’ve had a cooler September. Pretty perfect Fall weather.

Look for rain Sunday night here, and high elevation snow. We always get a duster in September. Hopefully, that’ll put a damper on the Mosquito Fire. Probably have some heads looking up on Monday-Tues. Look for a mix of Mohaganny Duns, and Blue Wing Olives.

Flows are still great, Summertime flows for mid-September. You’ll want to fish from Boca, down through Nevada now. If you don’t have a NV fishing license, well. If you live in NV, then you don’t want all the Californians’ fishing your river. I lived in Lovelock when I was a kid, so I have clout. The best fishing now, will be the lower sections of river. if you don’t know these lower stretches, hire a Truckee River fly fishing guide that has spent time through here and there, mainly myself, kidding. But there’s only a few of us that know this and that lower stuff.

So about 450 cfs here in Hirschdale. 300 and change through Reno, and 300 or so out East, on the lower river. That lower Truckee River, The Nature Conservancy, in Nevada, should be good by next week. Some big dogs down in there. She’ll stay good right through the shortest, coldest days of Winter.

Cold here in the Hirsch early. Below freezing and fog. Windy and cold as shit early in the canyons. Have a coffee and get out when that fog, or wind are gone.

Found out about the lower river Truckee River, East of Sparks, in the mid-nineties, when I worked at Tourist Liquor in Truckee. The liquor store is gone now, replaced by a toy shop of all things. The same guy always came in and bought porn, and whiskey. He worked for the railroad. Saw me reading Fly Fisherman Magazine one day, and told me all about the lower river and the big browns. No one fished it back then, I mean no one. Wish I knew who he was now. I guess I would have made my way down there one day without meeting him, but it definitely got me going.