Truckee River Fly Fishing Report October 15 2022

Truckee River Fly Fishing Report

Continued warm Fall weather on the Truckee River.

Unseasonable warm weather. Hopefully, we can get some cooler rainy weather. The fly fishing ain’t bad on the Truckee River, but it should be better. It’s just that ridge of high pressure parked off the coast. Warm sunny days.

That being said, flows are still pretty good. Im surprised we have this much water in the river, it being a drought year and all. No water up above the inlet, but good water below. From Boca, through Reno, and East of Reno, is where you want to fish. The Little Truckee River has water in it too. Usually it’s a trickle by now. Problem is, you won’t be alone. You might have to give the ole, “you know me, then why in the hell are you fishing so close to me.” Good luck.

Nymph, nymph, and nymph, until we get something that changes the weather.