Truckee River Fly Fishing Report October 23 2022

Truckee River Nevada

From Summer to more like Winter weather on the Truckee River. This should kick the fly fishing into high gear on the Truckee River.

What I’ve been waiting for, a change in the weather. Cold, and some snow, and rain, most importantly, low pressure and clouds. A change from the persistent sunny blah days. Now we can get into some streamer fishing, and look for some dry fly fishing.

it should be a very good next month on the CA side.

The lower Truckee River in Nevada should start getting good too. She fishes good all Winter. I’ve been down in there, but it’s been a bit early. Now should be good. Flows are up a bit down there through the Nature Conservancy, as Reno is taking less demand for water. Lots of miles of river to fish in the desert.

‘Round here in the Hirsch, and down in the canyons, you have about a month of good Fall fishing. Where you don’t have to worry about snow, and be below zero temps. We fish all Winter here, but you have to change your tactics. Right now you’ll have perfect fall puffy jacket weather, good flows, and happy trout trying to get fat for Winter.






Fall, ain’t gonna be much left in the tank though. Get up and get your Fall fishing in. Soon it will be Winter.