Truckee River Fly Fishing Report November 28 2022

Lower Truckee River Nevada

Balmy weather on the Truckee River.

Things are a changing though. Storms are in the forecast for this week. We need ’em. If you’ve seen Boca, and Stampede, or the upper river, you’d understood why.

I’m hoping we get a good AR type storm. Where is snows on top and rains down here. The higher the river gets, the better. If you like to streamer fish, that’s what you’re looking for. Low and clear and cold, just kinda sucks. Pegging an egg with a zebra midge, just makes me not want to fish. Throwing steamers in big winter water is better than any powder day I’ve ever had. I’d rather shake hands with a brown trout, then a whitefish.

Flows are still pretty descent. I’m not sure how long that can hang on, so hopefully the storm door Saturday stays open and we can rack up some rain and snow.