Truckee River Fly Fishing Report December 25 2022

Flood stage Truckee River

Happy Holidays! The calm before the storm.

Hasn’t been much to report. It’s been very cold and the Truckee River has been pretty low. Until now. Lots of rain and snow are on the way. Multiple big warm storms. We’re gonna get pounded. We could be out of the drought in Nor Cal by mid-January. Crazy.

So, how big is the Truckee River gonna get? I’m sure we’ll get to minor flood stage in Reno. There’s a ton of low lying snow hanging around. We have 4 feet here in Hirschdale that’s mostly gonna melt from all the rain. We’ll see. I’m guessing 4,000 cfs here, 8,000,-10k in Reno? Always fun to guess. It’s 90 cfs right now. Definitely won’t be like ’97, but could be more like ’05, or ’18, depending on the duration of these storms. When this Pineapple Express kicks in, it’s no joke.

It’s on now. The fishing is going to be very good during certain windows between storms. That’s if you like big fish. Buch of big dumb browns hanging out on the bank. Looking for worms and my streamers, lol.

Get the sandbags ready and be safe. Merry Christmas.

Photo is from ’18, below Hirschdale.