Truckee River Fly Fishing Report January 8 2023

Drift Boat Fly Fishing on the Truckee River.

Here we go again.

Another big AR on the way for the Truckee River. Northern Ca has been getting hammered. Hopefully, no major flooding, but for some places in Ca, it’s likely. I hope for for everyone, your houses and families are safe.

Flows: Hard to say what the flows are going to do here. You never know with these big warmer storms. Just depends on how much rain to snow ratios we get. She should get pumping for a few days though. Good news, Boca and Stampede still have a lot of room left/capacity. So no flooding here. If we have a big February, well, things could change downriver for Reno. 2017, the river got to about 10,000 cfs here one night. Crazy to see whole trees floating down and hitting the bridge. It was a fun cocktail hour that evening watching the river. I was fishing about 4 days after that. We will have excellent fishing this week, trust me. Just give it a few days. She’ll drop quick…

This last week was good. Pretty average flows actually. Very comparable to summer type flows. Stayed right around 500 cfs here in Hirschdale. We got after it, and had the whole river to ourselves. Fishing is good. Nymphing, and especially the streamer fishing.

This is the best thing that can happen. These storms have got us off life support. Lake Tahoe is filling up, Boca, Stampede, Donner. Honestly, I might have had to sell real estate if it weren’t for the last few months, and I’m too rough around the edges for that.

Remember. I have a Streamer Clinic on January 28th. If you want to introduce yourself to a big brown, learn to streamer fish.



Remember I have a Streamer Clinic on January