Truckee River Fly Fishing Report January 14 2023

Lower Truckee River

More rain and snow for the Truckee River, laughable at this point.

We need/needed it though. Life saving actually. Everything is filling up, all over the state.

I thought the Truckee River was going to get pretty big last week. Rain turned to snow, and flows didn’t bump up that much.

Flows: The flows are very good all up and down the river right now. About perfect. Everything is probably blown out and muddy in Nor Cal, but not the Truckee. We’ve mostly had snow at high evaluations, and just haven’t had as much run off as expected. I’ve been all up and down the river, fishing is very good. I’ve even been out East on the lower Truckee River in Nevada, and that has settled and fishing well too. It got up to about 6000k, a few weeks ago, and is down into the 900’s now. Good streamer flows. The dry fly fishing will be very good this year. Give it a few weeks. It’s the best dry fly fishing of the year if you can time it with some cloud cover. Big fat blue wing olives. Fun to nymph, or streamer fish, and then look for some heads to pop up. Very seldom you get to fish for big brown trout on top. It’s a 2-3 week window.

Snow: Most of the snow has settled and access is much better. Gonna be tough below Truckee. Lots of snow up there. I don’t think they’ve plowed out the Glenshire Bridge lot yet this year. Below Hirschdale, and down through the canyons, most of this snow has melted. The Nevada side, you really ain’t gotta worry about snow/access.

Remember, weather is going to be nice on the weekend of the 28th. Everything will be tracked out and the skiing will be shitty. Get in on the Streamer Clinic and up your game.