Truckee River Fly Fishing Report February 6 2023

Truckee River Nevada Brown Trout

Another good round of snow for the Truckee River.

First good snow in a few weeks. That deep cold we were in seems to be gone. Gonna warm up this week and the fishing should be pretty good. 40’s in Truckee ain’t bad.

Been still waiting on the bugs down on the Nevada side. It has to get going this week. Should be warm, and with some cloud cover at times. That’s a good recipe. Do some streamer fishing early, wait for some heads to pop up later. Flows are pretty ideal.

Right around here in Hirschdale will fish too. This will be the first warmer week we’ve had in almost 2 months. We won’t get the blue wing hatches like in Nevada, still early, but you might see some good midge hatches starting. Streamers and nymphs will get the majority of your fish though.