Truckee River Fly Fishing Report February 17 2023

Dry Fly Brown

Progressively getting a bit warmer on the Truckee River.

Figure, it’s February and it’s gotta warm up at some point. Been a cold winter. Still shit tons of snow, good news for summer. Winter is far from over here in the central Sierra’s though.

Bit lower and cold flow wise on the California side of things on the Truckee River. 275 cfs, Nevada side, out East through the conservancy, around 475 cfs. Down there, been fishing pretty well, especially if you can get a windless, cloud cover day. Been getting some on top, and of course down below.

Ain’t gonna be that long until this stuff here starts fishing good, (CA). Days are getting longer, and when that sun starts melting some of this snow, flows will come up. Just been so cold, none of this snow has melted.