Truckee River Fly Fishing Report March 30 2023

Mogul Nevada Fly Fishing

Still snowing.Probably some more snow next week. 3’rd snowiest Winter on record so far. Understand, when we get a ton of snow in Tahoe, it’s a ton of snow.

On the Truckee River, feeling much more like February than March. April will feel more like March. Just gonna be a cold spring. Waiting for that run-off to happen. With this cold weather, gonna be awhile.

Pretty descent fishing though when the weather’s warm. We’ve had lots of cold days, with a few warmer ones in between. Not too many bugs, just the midges, and occasional blue wing floating by. That should change a bit next month.

Flows are really nice though. Good wading and floating flows. Both in Ca, and on the Nevada side of things.