Truckee River Fly Fishing Report May 14 2023

Brown Trout Truckee River

Here she goes.

Up and up and up, the Truckee River. This will be our run-off now. 2,300 cfs as a write this. It’s stopped freezing at night, so now we’ll get our melt going.

Honestly, this is when it gets good.

I’m more excited than the kayakers.

Now, you’ll probably come up here and scratch your head when you see the water. However; if you look for some soft edges, you’re gonna find fish. What you find, may shock you. I always get those phone calls every year, “when is the best time to get those big browns,” This would be your time. 

Now, if you think you’re gonna put on an Adams and get some dry fly fishing in, look elsewhere. Your shit needs to be down and dirty. Think worms, stones, leeches, streamers, etc. Flies with some flash and weight.

She’s gonna keep coming up. 3’rd biggest snowfall year on record. She ain’t gonna come down until after the 4th of July. I think it will be mid-July this year. When she comes down it’s gonna be good too.