Truckee River Fly Fishing Report May 29 2023

Brown Trout Truckee River

Good solid fishing in the high Truckee River water.

Flows have actually come down a lot since last weekend. They were up over 4k, and now down under 3000k. She has cleared up a lot too. Still big, and I’m sure it will continue to be big for the foreseeable future, but it’s fishing well. Perfect fishing weather. Warm, and afternoon thunderstorms.

You guys have to know where to look. Any place trouts can get out of current. There’s some more fishable water now that flows have dropped some, but you still gotta find that soft water. Slow walking pace water. You’re always looking for that water. Right now, in a summer pocket water slot, anytime. They’re usually always in water, slow walking pace, 2-4 feet deep. Summer, winter, spring, fall, through a 106 miles of the Truckee River. Why, because they can’t fight that current all day. I’ve only been fishing the CA side. Not that you can’t find that water down in Nevada, but it’s harder.

So look for inside bends, outside bends, anywhere you think a fish can stay out of the big strong flows.

And look, everything around here is high. The Little Truckee, everywhere. Every river in California for that matter. You just have to adjust and figure out how to fish in the higher than average flows.