Truckee River Fly Fishing Report June 10 2023

Brown Trout Truckee River

Flows have been dropping on the Truckee River.

Big and steady at around 1,700 cfs, here in Hirschdale. Down from 4,000 cfs just a few weeks ago.

Have we seen the big run-off? I guess. Never did get as big as ’18. I’m surprised

Rivers cleared up pretty good around here, little dirty down below, but not bad. Still getting calls about the river being high. Yeah, it’s high, but it’s fishing pretty good. It’s pretty much double the average flow right now. it’d probably be 700-800 cfs right now on a normal spring.

You’re passing up a lot of water right now to find soft water. 80% of the river is too fast to fish. You have to look for that 20%. So you’ll walk a lot to find it. Good news, mostly big fish we’ve been hooking. Bad news, nothing. Big fish are great. If you want numbers, like I say, go fish the lower Sac.

Trouts from Hirschdale on up have got off the worm. Think standard nymphs/bugs. Stones, green drakes, and march browns. Now that the water has comedown, thinking we will get a green drake hatch. Fathers Day is always the time. It’s been raining nearly every afternoon, so be ready.

The weather has been amazing. About mid-70’s every day with afternoon thunder storms. Kids are bummed, they want the pool set up, but it’s still too cold.