Truckee River Fly Fishing Report July 4 2023

Euro Nymphing on the Truckee River.

Summertime mode on the Truckee River.

Cool in the mornings, hot in the afternoons. Trouts are transitioning into oxygenated water.

It was a weird week of fishing. Kinda good, kinda bad. Now that we’ve had some hot water for almost a week, the river should fish more consistent.

You probably can’t find water that’s too fast. Look for breaks in that fast water, meaning rocks that create breaks in the current. Remember, trout are pretty much always in slow walking pace type water. Even in pocket water.

Every bug that’s in the river is out. You’ll see some little spankers rising though out the day, but get them flies down if you want to catch fish.

Flows have mellowed out around Hirschdale. As you go down the river, there’s more water. 3 of the big creeks are still sending in some healthy flows. Still a bit high West of Reno, and through that stuff.

They have no water coming out of Lake Tahoe. Until the lower river drops, I wouldn’t expect any water coming out of big blue. Bad for the tubing season up there.

Usually your success on the Truckee River in the Summer, is how you move and can wade around in the river. If you can’t get to the fish, well, you ain’t catching them.