Truckee River Fly Fishing Report July 9 2023

Good solid fishing on the Truckee River.

Just about perfect weather. High’s in the 70’s, throughout Tahoe, 80’s in Reno. Usually pretty hot this time of year, but man, it’s been nice.

Flows have continued to come down here in Hirschdale. We are actually probably below average for this date. Ironic for such a huge winter. Downriver and though Reno, it’s higher, but dropping too. Look for flows to come up once water gets released out of Lake Tahoe, and Boca. When? I’m guessing in a few weeks. For now, the rivers in prefect shape.

I’ve been getting them in current. Fast oxygenated water. I do all summer on the Truckee RIver. Heads of runs, riffles, pocket water. Everything you skip in the Winter, you fish in the Summer, and vice versa. Look for slotted water in the current, It’s there, you just have to look. Sometimes it’s obvious, say behind a bolder, sometimes not.

Lots of bugs. Truckee trouts prefer them on the bottom. Always have, always will. Whatever nymph rig you prefer. Euro, bobber, whatever. Crayfish, stones, mayflies, caddis pupae. Lot’s of different patterns will work, just get your flies in the zone, in the correct water.

If you do want to see some heads. Go out right before dark and look for some caddis pop’n.