Euro Nymph Clinic September 16 2023

Euro Nymph Clinic Truckee River

European Nymph Clinic Saturday, September 16th 2023.

Haven’t done too many of these lately. I’ll do another clinic on October 7th. That will be a longer clinic, a hybrid Euro/ Streamer clinic. Look for some more clinics after that. A Nevada Truckee River access, where to fish, and what to use clinic, East in the Nature Conservancy, early November.

September 16th, we will go over all things euro. Rods, reels, how to construct leaders, flies, etc. We will fish too.

Having literally taught thousands of anglers how to euro nymph, It’s a game changer for sure. I’m confident that you will walk away a better angler.

Most now have caught on to the euro game and how effective it can be. If you haven’t joined the fun, this is a great clinic to learn.

We’ll do this one on the Ca side, here in Hirschdale. Bonus, I’ll show you where and how to access the river here, lol. That’s a whole other topic.

Give a call if you’d like to attend. 775.351.6665. Cost will be $275, and will be a good half day.