Truckee River Fly Fishing Report October 16 2023

Free Hirschale

Great Fall fishing on the Truckee River. Bummer, Niners lost, but at least the Eagles lost also. 

Pretty good flows, nice warm weather. Little too warm for the streamer and dry fly fishing, but nymphing is off the hook, no pun intended. Looking like Indian Summer this week, so probably more of the same. Week after next looks like we will get in the 40’s. Enjoy this sunshine while it lasts.

So much of the same… Nymphing will be the way to go. Dry dropper rigs. Anything with a little beatis nymph near the bottom. Still a lot of baby crayfish out, them will work too.

So I wouldn’t expect any good dry or streamer fishing to happen until the weather changes. Wouldn’t say you can’t try, but you’re gonna work real hard for them, especially the streamers. Until we can get some good consistent cloud cover don’t expect much. Same with on the dry fly front. Then you get this very short window when the weather changes on the Ca side, and that window will last all Winter on the Nevada side.