Truckee River Fly Fishing Report December 19 2023

Truckee River

Pretty El Niño’ish on the Truckee River.

Warm and rain and not a lot of snow. Great for fishing, not great for the snowpack. It was 38 degrees last night, warm.

Pretty much what you want for Winter fishing on the Truckee River though. Warm storms, high river. The Truckee fishes much like a steelhead river. When it gets big for a few days after rains, and then comes down, the fish are active.

In times like these, fish the bigger stuff, spring type flies, streamers, worms, etc. She’ll come back down in a few days, and then get the smaller Winter flies out again.

This will be a repeatable pattern this year. Last year the Winter fishing pretty much sucked. The water was low and cold and everything was snow. This Winter has been much better. Flows are higher and it’s been warmer.