Truckee River Fly Fishing Report January 24 2024

Dry Fly Eats Truckee River

Mild weather in the Hirsch on the Truckee River.

We’ve had precip most of the week, but the storms have been warm. It’s snowing where it counts though. The kids had one good sledding week here at our house, that’s it. Now we just have a few inches on the ground-El Niño. Honestly, I love when it snows up top and not down here. Less work for this old timer.

The fishing this Winter has been good. Flows have been pretty stable and volume wise, perfect. We’ve made it past our 2 coldest months, so it’s all gravy until Spring.

The dry fly fishing out East on the lower river is starting to turn on. You’ll get midges in the morning. When they cluster up the fish are on them. Later in the day the blue wings come out. Big fat size #16’s. Most of the fish will be on the smaller side, but occasionally you’ll get a big fish rising. Warm cloudy days are the best. Even on the sunny days you should get some fish looking up. Fun to head hunt.

With the warmer Winter, I haven’t spent all my time down on the Nevada side. The fishing is descent here on the Ca side too.