Truckee River Fly Fishing Report February 13 2024

Truckee River

Interesting weather and fishing on the Truckee RIver.

Pretty good storm cycle last week, and looks like it should continue starting this weekend for about another week. We’re stacking the snow up on top, so that’s really good news.

Relatively warm for mid-February here in Hirschdale. We got less than a foot of snow on the ground and access is pretty easy all over.

Flows are nice in California, and great out East on the lower Truckee River. Not too high, not too low. The dry fly fishing out East has been relatively good. It’s mainly about timing. The streamer fishing and nymphing has been descent as well. Flows will probably pop up a bit next week, but they’ll settle down fast.

Who knows what the end of the month and March will bring weather wise. My opinion is it will be warm and wet. We’ll see.