Truckee River Fly Fishing Report June 11 2024

Flows are steadily coming down on the Truckee River and the fishing is very good.

Bugs of every kind are out. Pmds, stones, green drakes, caddis, a whole smorgasbord on the menu. Nymphing with the any of the mentioned bugs should get you some fish. Yes, I said nymphing. I doubt you’ll see any fish rising during the bright sun of the day. Evenings are another deal now, you’ll see caddis, pale evening duns, and if you get lucky a green drake hatch.

Mainly it’s nymphing here on out. Tight line nymphing is the bread and butter here on the Truckee River. Euro as they now like to call it. That’s how I guide and teach. Taking off the bobber will open up a whole new World for you. These trout are in the slots and faster water, and that is the key to catching these fish.