Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-8-4-22

Euro Nymhing Clinic Truckee River

Much cooler weather this week on the Truckee River.

Still hot in the afternoons, high 80’s, better than the 90’s.

We got a lot of nice cold water coming out of Boca now with the increased flows. Tailwater cold water. You could almost classify the Truckee River here in Hirschdale as a tailwater. Most of our water here comes from Boca reservoir. Water temps are not anywhere in issue here in the mornings. Maybe in the afternoons. The river above Boca, especially along Glenshire Dr, Reno, and East of Reno, is where you should pay attention to water temps.

What’s too hot to fish? Probably above 69 degrees. I’ve heard guys saying 65. C’mon? The Missouri, below Holter dam runs about 65-68 most of the Summer. There’s hundreds of anglers there daily, if not thousands. Let’s not get carried away on this Hoot Owl thing. You should be using the proper size tippet, and the proper tool/rod, and landing trout in a timely manner, regardless of what the water temp is. All year. Landing fish in a timely matter is THE most important thing if you want them to survive another day.

I watched a youngster land a fish in Reno last week. Took him about 10 minutes. What? I can land any fish that swims in this river in less than 3. Well under a minute for most.

I’m pretty PC on this blog, wait ’till I turn 50, then you’ll really get my thoughts.

August is going to be better than July on the Truckee River. Nights will get into the 30’s, come end of the month, then it’s darn near Fall.

Remember, I have a Euro Nymph Clinic on August 20th. Call if you’d like to attend.