Truckee River Fly Fishing Report September 3 2023

Brown Trout Hirschdale Ca Truckee River

What a stark contrast compared to last year on the Truckee River. This time last year is was exceptionally hot. We left to the coast because of the smoke and the heat.

It’s rained for the last 3 days. Of course, that makes the fishing good. Pretty great fishing at times actually. Usually, I’m begging for Fall to arrive right now. Kinda wishing we had some more Summer right now. Don’t get me wrong, I love the precip, but El Niño is on the way. We could have a good 7 months of Winter coming.

Trouts are in every type of water. Banks, frog water, and fast water. Early, fish slower water, later, fish faster water. Change your rigs, and change the water you’re fishing througout the day. You may get them on streamers, dries, and nymphs.

The whole Truckee River is fishing good. From below the town of Truckee, to East of Reno.

Don’t forget, I have a few Clinic dates coming up. Cheers.