Pyramid Lake

Pyramid Lake Nevada is home to not only the biggest Cutthroat Trout in the World, but some of the biggest trout in the world anywhere. Located just over 30 minutes North East of Reno, roughly the size of Lake Tahoe, Pyramid Lake sits on the historic Paiute Indian Reservation. In it’s alkaline waters swim the biggest Cutthroat trout in the World. Sixty pounders once swam in the lake; 41 pounds is the record Cutthroat caught in the 20’s. With the original Pilot Peak strain Lahontan Cutthroat recently re-introduced into the lake, fish could near the size of their historic cousins. Twenty pounders are now fairly common on the fly and the sky could be the limit. A guided fly fishing trip with Gilligan’s Guide Service at Pyramid Lake is the place right now if you want to tangle with a double-digit trout.  That’s not measuring in inches, that’s measuring in pounds. Lahontans are not picky fish, it’s about being on the right beach at the right time. We use ladders to get above the water, shooting heads, and even strike indicators when fishing midges. 6-9 weight rods including switch rods with adequate backing on your reels are our tools for the lake. Pyramid Lake is a unique place, very beautiful and enigmatic. If you have never been you’ll know what I’m referring to once you get out there.  Pyramid is a place fly anglers should fish at least once in their lifetime.