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Guided Fly Fishing the Truckee River, Little Truckee River, Pyramid Lake Nevada, Truckee-Tahoe-Reno

A guided trip for beginners and experienced anglers includes instruction that builds a basic foundation necessary not only to catch fish but to understand the patterns in which fish feed and what they feed on particularly in the Truckee River throughout the changing seasons. A day with Gilligan’s Guide Service also includes honing the proper casting technique and fly presentation in order for an angler to have success on some of the most beautiful and difficult waters around Truckee, Tahoe, and Reno.

If you are new to fly fishing and do not have equipment, Gill will provide gear including waders, boots, and rods at no additional cost. Gilligan’s Guide service runs trips year round along the Truckee River, including float trips along the Nevada side, Little Truckee River, and Pyramid Lake Nevada.

Truckee River Fly Fishing – Latest Blog Posts

  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report September 27 2022
    Great weather, good fly fishing on the Truckee River. Flows are still very good, and the fishing and weather are very good. Late September is always a pretty good time. Last few years, we’ve had very low flows on the Truckee River. This year is different. Rolling into October now. October is a great month, especially will be this year, as it’s suppose to cool back into the 60’s next week. We’ll have some good Fall fishing. Get on it, soon it will be cold. The opener at Pyramid Lake in Nevada is this weekend. Should be good if that’s your cup of tea. Get out in about 30 feet of water, with a tube, or boat, and jig your streamers straight up. Hold on tight. As we get into October, we’ll get some streamer fishing going for pre-spawn browns, maybe some good dry fly fishing, (if it’s cloudy,) and of course, you can always get ’em nymphing. The whole river is fishing well, that is from Boca on down. Out East on the lower Truckee River in Nevada, that’s fishing good right now too. Lots of river too cover and fish, for the fly angler.      
  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report September 24 2022
    Great fly fishing on the Truckee River. Kinda don’t get much better. Perfect Fall weather, good fishing. Cold in the mornings, nice in the afternoons. This is the time when a fly angler can fish just about any rig you want.  Streamers, yes, dry dropper, yes, tight line, yes. Straight dry fly fishing? Well, you never know. Trouts are spread out, and just about in every water type. They’ll usually sit in the softer water in the mornings, and move into the faster water in the afternoons. Out East on the lower Truckee River in Nevada, fishing is good too. Don’t look for any good streamer fishing out there yet. Be nymphing, and you’ll catch fish. Flows are good down there now. Some big fish in that zone. The water has cooled off, and them trout are happy. One more week of September, and it’s October, and even better fishing.
  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report September 21 2022
    What a great September for fly fishing on the Truckee River. Little glitch in the system on the first week of the month, with the heat and the fire. Now it feels more like late October, not September. We had a good soaker, heavy rain here in Truckee. It hardly every rains like this in September here. What a blessing. It couldn’t have come at a better time. The Mosquito Fire was pushing hard, and everything else was bone dry. Man, what a relief. Needless to say the Truckee River, is fishing very, very well. Flows are still up out of Boca, about perfect, and the whole river from Boca/Hirschdale, on down is fishing. Even out East on the lower Truckee River, in the Nature Conservancy. The water has come up down there to fishable flows, and cooled considerably. A bit muddy now, but that will clear shortly. I’ll get on it this week. Flows are very low above Boca/ Glenshire dr, etc. Keep that in consideration if you make the drive up here. It’ll get warm again, but Truckee probably won’t see another 80 degrees day until late spring next year. Enjoy the Indian summer coming next week. Fall don’t last long.
  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report September 17 2022
    Mixed weather on the Truckee River. Nice in the mornings, and heavy smoke in the afternoons. The fly fishing on the Truckee River, is off the hook though, no pun intended. Been a minute since we’ve had a cooler September. Pretty perfect Fall weather. Look for rain Sunday night here, and high elevation snow. We always get a duster in September. Hopefully, that’ll put a damper on the Mosquito Fire. Probably have some heads looking up on Monday-Tues. Look for a mix of Mohaganny Duns, and Blue Wing Olives. Flows are still great, Summertime flows for mid-September. You’ll want to fish from Boca, down through Nevada now. If you don’t have a NV fishing license, well. If you live in NV, then you don’t want all the Californians’ fishing your river. I lived in Lovelock when I was a kid, so I have clout. The best fishing now, will be the lower sections of river. if you don’t know these lower stretches, hire a Truckee River fly fishing guide that has spent time through here and there, mainly myself, kidding. But there’s only a few of us that know this and that lower stuff. So about 450 cfs here in Hirschdale. 300 and change through Reno, and 300 or so out East, on the lower river. That lower Truckee River, The Nature Conservancy, in Nevada, should be good by next week. Some big dogs down in there. She’ll stay good right through the shortest, coldest days of Winter. Cold here in the Hirsch early. Below freezing and fog. Windy and cold as shit early in the canyons. Have a coffee and get out when that fog, or wind are gone. Found out about the lower river Truckee River, East of Sparks, in the mid-nineties, when I worked at Tourist Liquor in Truckee. The liquor store is gone now, replaced by a toy shop of all things. The same guy always came in and bought porn, and whiskey. He worked for the railroad. Saw me reading Fly Fisherman Magazine one day, and told me all about the lower river and the big browns. No one fished it back then, I mean no one. Wish I knew who he was now. I guess I would have made my way down there one day without meeting him, but it definitely got me going.          
  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report September 13 2022
    The good news first, cool Fall weather on the Truckee River. Record high’s last week, and now very cool Fall like weather. Barely getting into the 70’s, with lows in the 30’s at night. Bad news. The Mosquito Fire south of Truckee is pumping smoke into Truckee, and Lake Tahoe/ Reno. Mornings the air quality ain’t bad, but in the afternoons, its pretty miserable and unhealthy. School was cancelled today in Truckee. This Mosquito Fire ain’t good. 50,000 acres now and counting. Hopefully it don’t take a run up the North Fork of the American River into Donner Summit. It’s still a long ways away, but remember the Caldor fire last year. Smoke and cool weather is great for fishing though. The fishing is super good right now. We have great flows still coming out of Boca, and this is really the start to our Fall fishing. The Streamer fishing will pick up, you may get some dry fly fishing, and of course nymphing will always be good. Look for Baetis hatches on cloudy days, and fish the streamers for those pre-spawn brown trout. If the flows stay like they are, man, gonna be a great Fall. The Truckee River from Boca down into Reno is where flows are best and you will find the best fishing. Out East on the lower Truckee River, The Nature Conservancy should start fishing good with this cool weather. That opens up miles and miles of more river to fish. So, I’d plan my fishing in the mornings until early afternoon when the winds shift and the smoke rolls in.  
  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report September 5 2022
    Major heat wave all over California. Especially hot for us here on the Truckee River. Topping out at around 96, here in Hirschdale. Better than the 115 degrees in Sacto though. Hot in Reno, and down on the river there. It’s always warm early September, but this is a different level. Gonna get back in the 70’s next weekend, with lows in the 30’s. Of course that means around mid-morning, most of the trouts will push into the faster current. Get your flies down and in the zone. Crayfish and smaller mayflies have been working for me. I’m sure you could get a few off the hopper dropper rigs too. Until it cools next weekend, I probably wouldn’t fish much past about noon. Ain’t worth the time unless you want to cook out there. Flows are still up below Boca. 450 cfs, here in the Hirsch and holding steady. I imagine they’ll come down some this week. That’s good tailwater cold water out of Boca. So hang in there, we’re about done with this heat. Fall will be right around the corner. This is a recent Podcast I did with the SSFT.