Guided Truckee River Fly Fishing. Welcome to Gilligan’s Guide Service.

Guided Fly Fishing the Truckee River, Little Truckee River, Pyramid Lake Nevada, Truckee-Tahoe-Reno

A guided trip for beginners and experienced anglers includes instruction that builds a basic foundation necessary not only to catch fish but to understand the patterns in which fish feed and what they feed on particularly in the Truckee River throughout the changing seasons. A day with Gilligan’s Guide Service also includes honing the proper casting technique and fly presentation in order for an angler to have success on some of the most beautiful and difficult waters around Truckee, Tahoe, and Reno.

If you are new to fly fishing and do not have equipment, Gill will provide gear including waders, boots, and rods at no additional cost. Gilligan’s Guide service runs trips year round along the Truckee River, including float trips along the Nevada side, Little Truckee River, and Pyramid Lake Nevada.

Truckee River Fly Fishing – Latest Blog Posts

  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-5-23-22
    Sunny solid weather, and healthy flows here on the Truckee River. Good Spring weather, cold mornings, and warm afternoons. Good big flows, all up and down the river. Just a great time to be out. Flows are right below 900 cubes here in the Hirsch, and higher as you go down the river. 900 is high, but good. We have water coming out of Lake Tahoe too, so the whole upper section of river has great flows as well. I get asked a lot if there’s fish up there. Yes, trouts live up there. it’s a beautiful section of river to go wet a line. So nymph up on them. Streamer fish, though, these sunny days ain’t the best for that, or throw the dry dropper rig. You’d be surprised who might pop up and eat your chubby. My main rigs now, are the tight line rig, and the dry dropper.
  • Truckee River Fishing Report-5-15-22
    Spring has finally sprung on the Truckee River. Cold and wind for all of April, and now, well, prefect weather. Finally. We did good in April, and made up a lot for our dismal, Jan-March, lack of snow. Most of the lakes and res., are pretty full. Good, good fishing for the Truckee River Fly Fishing Report. Hard to beat weather in the 70’s, and a nice big flowing Truckee River. She’s dirtied up a bit with the warm weather, but clarity is still pretty good. Remember to find the soft inside water. Trouts will be in water about 2-5 feet deep, at a slow walking pace. Find that, you’ll have success. Flies shouldn’t matter all that much as long as you find the right water. Streamer fishing can be very good in the spring too. Still a lot of march browns and bwo. The caddis, and stonefly hatches should still be about 3 weeks away.
  • Truckee River Fishing Report-4-7-22
    More wind for the Truckee River Fly Fishing Report. Winds been pretty gnarly lately. Since the end of March, it really hasn’t stopped. Of course, we needed that rain and snow and cooler temps, but man, enough already. Looking good of the weekend though. Just have to make it too Weds. Flows got big. 1000 k, here in the Hirsch, 1,300 near Farad, and a bit lower in Nevada. Clarity is good here, a bit dirty down lower. It changes daily on what the high temps are. This weekend is should get warm, and we will dirty up again. It can be dirty in the mornings, and clear up in the afternoons. We’re sitting at about 102% of average snowpack, but only about 50% water content. We’ll see how that pans out come late Summer, but we should have much more water than last year. So you have to give them trouts something they can see when the water gets big and dirty. Streamers and bigger nymphs are key. You actually have to be more stealthy now, then when the waters lower. Fish are right on the banks. If you wade in, you’ve likely just walked on top of Walter that was sitting there. When the waters lower, we fish in the middle, when it’s high, we fish on the sides.    
  • Truckee River Fishing Report-5-2-22
    Windy, but nice weather this week for the Truckee River Fly Fishing Report. Always windy in the spring, but man, the weather has been about perfect. Nice big flows and some fat fish. People always ask me, when’s my favorite time, well, Spring is hard to beat. Of course, you can get skunked anytime of year on this river, but when the trees are all budding out, and everything’s turning green, and the weathers in the 60’s, life’s about perfect. So, we’ve getting some big fat trouts, not a lot. When flows are up, you’re prospecting a bit. At normal flows, I know just about every slot in this river, and where them fish are at. When the flows are up, you just have to fish all the likely softer spots. They ain’t out in the middle. Slow walking pace water is what you’re looking for. Right along the banks. Lots of different flies will work. All the basic shit this time of year. The euro flies, copper johns, worms, etc. Everyone fishes the jig/ euro flies these days. When them bugs are pop’n though, hard to beat something with a soft hackle collar on it. March Browns are out about mid-day, and most fish are keying on the nymphs. Down in the desert, on the Nevada side of the Truckee River, it’s already caddis time. Flows are big and a bit dirty down there, but there’s fish to be caught.
  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-4-27-22
    Pretty good Spring fishing on the Truckee River. At least it feels like Spring, not Winter now. Wind is always the issue this time of year. It has been windy.  Flows are pretty typical Spring flows. Not blown out, just kinda big, or somewhat normal, for a normal Spring like this. Some years the Truckee River is pumping, some years not. Seems like we’re right in the middle with flows this year. Good clarity all up and down the river. Even out East, on the lower river. Speaking of the flows, the entire river from around Squaw Valley, down all the way to Derby in Nevada, has good flows. You can’t always say that. That’s a lot of river miles, and a lot of trout cruising around. So nymph ’em, streamer fish, etc. Cover some water until you get some fish. I feel we cover a lot of water this time of year as fish aren’t in every pocket and cranny like in Summer. You have to find a good soft bucket. Then move on and find another. You’ll end up walking a long ways. Sometimes it’s nice to be in the raft.  
  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report-4-19-22
    Very much needed rain and snow for the Truckee River. Heavy rain and snow this week and last. That really puts some money in the bank for us come summer.  Flows have come up. Around 850 here in the Hirsh. Higher as you go downriver towards Reno. Clarity is good. Thursday will probably put some color to the river, as it’s suppose to rain pretty hard. Should stay good to go though. Springs always a weird time. It’s hard finding the smaller fish, so the fish you get, are usually on the bigger side. Good news now, the rainbows are back on the feed after post spawn. Remember, break the river down into a smaller river. Trouts can’t fight the fast current. They will be close in, in any softer type water. Go bigger with your nymphs, go bigger with your streamers. If you wade in deep, well, you probably spooked any fish that was there. I started a new Instagram account, Truckee River Fly Fishing-Gilligan’s Guide Service, since my last one got hacked. Kinda not excited about social media anymore. Also, I do have a few spots for Saturdays Tight Line Clinic.