Guided Truckee River Fly Fishing. Welcome to Gilligan’s Guide Service.

Guided Fly Fishing the Truckee River, Little Truckee River, Pyramid Lake Nevada, Truckee-Tahoe-Reno

A guided trip for beginners and experienced anglers includes instruction that builds a basic foundation necessary not only to catch fish but to understand the patterns in which fish feed and what they feed on particularly in the Truckee River throughout the changing seasons. A day with Gilligan’s Guide Service also includes honing the proper casting technique and fly presentation in order for an angler to have success on some of the most beautiful and difficult waters around Truckee, Tahoe, and Reno.

If you are new to fly fishing and do not have equipment, Gill will provide gear including waders, boots, and rods at no additional cost. Gilligan’s Guide service runs trips year round along the Truckee River, including float trips along the Nevada side, Little Truckee River, and Pyramid Lake Nevada.

Truckee River Fly Fishing – Latest Blog Posts

  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report January 27 2023
    Cold on the Truckee River. Pretty much summed up the week. Very cold lows in Truckee, and Reno. Been in the negatives most mornings here in Hirschdale. Just barely warming up to fishable temps. Reno has been much more fishable, especially out East on the lower river. We’ll have a few days of warmth, then cold for the beginning of next week. It should warm back up again mid-week. Still lots of snow, and access ain’t that easy on the CA side. Reno side is much better access wise. Flows have lowered back down to kinda low and clear here in CA. No water coming out of Boca. Boca is filling up pretty good, and I imagine releases will resume soon. They’ll be a lot of snow melting this spring and they’ll need to make some room. A lot of snow is an understatement. Ton of snow I should say. The dry fly fishing is just getting going down through the Nature Conservancy in Nevada. Can get real good in there if there’s a little overcast. A boat helps, but you can find some good zones wade fishing as well.    
  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report January 20 2023
    Welp, that was fun. Pretty much 10 weeks of snow. When we get it, we get it. We got pounded. The Truckee River is in great shape, and will be in great shape this summer. The MJO looks to be in a positive phase for Ca come February. Feb could be a stormy month too. Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. For now, we have great winter fishing on the Truckee River. Great flows. It’s cold though, and looks to be cold for at least the next 5 days. Single digits to barely hitting the 30’s in Truckee. We were -5 here in Hirschdale the other morning. Good old fashioned Truckee Winter. This week, wait until she warms up a bit. Reno, and out out East on the lower river will be warmer. Not much, but enough maybe to get a few more grabs. The Streamer fishing has been pretty good down in there. Best in about 3 years. The dry fly fishing should get going soon down in Nevada. Probably one more week. Oh yeah. Got spots for the steamer clinic on the 28th.        
  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report January 14 2023
    More rain and snow for the Truckee River, laughable at this point. We need/needed it though. Life saving actually. Everything is filling up, all over the state. I thought the Truckee River was going to get pretty big last week. Rain turned to snow, and flows didn’t bump up that much. Flows: The flows are very good all up and down the river right now. About perfect. Everything is probably blown out and muddy in Nor Cal, but not the Truckee. We’ve mostly had snow at high evaluations, and just haven’t had as much run off as expected. I’ve been all up and down the river, fishing is very good. I’ve even been out East on the lower Truckee River in Nevada, and that has settled and fishing well too. It got up to about 6000k, a few weeks ago, and is down into the 900’s now. Good streamer flows. The dry fly fishing will be very good this year. Give it a few weeks. It’s the best dry fly fishing of the year if you can time it with some cloud cover. Big fat blue wing olives. Fun to nymph, or streamer fish, and then look for some heads to pop up. Very seldom you get to fish for big brown trout on top. It’s a 2-3 week window. Snow: Most of the snow has settled and access is much better. Gonna be tough below Truckee. Lots of snow up there. I don’t think they’ve plowed out the Glenshire Bridge lot yet this year. Below Hirschdale, and down through the canyons, most of this snow has melted. The Nevada side, you really ain’t gotta worry about snow/access. Remember, weather is going to be nice on the weekend of the 28th. Everything will be tracked out and the skiing will be shitty. Get in on the Streamer Clinic and up your game.  
  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report January 8 2023
    Here we go again. Another big AR on the way for the Truckee River. Northern Ca has been getting hammered. Hopefully, no major flooding, but for some places in Ca, it’s likely. I hope for for everyone, your houses and families are safe. Flows: Hard to say what the flows are going to do here. You never know with these big warmer storms. Just depends on how much rain to snow ratios we get. She should get pumping for a few days though. Good news, Boca and Stampede still have a lot of room left/capacity. So no flooding here. If we have a big February, well, things could change downriver for Reno. 2017, the river got to about 10,000 cfs here one night. Crazy to see whole trees floating down and hitting the bridge. It was a fun cocktail hour that evening watching the river. I was fishing about 4 days after that. We will have excellent fishing this week, trust me. Just give it a few days. She’ll drop quick… This last week was good. Pretty average flows actually. Very comparable to summer type flows. Stayed right around 500 cfs here in Hirschdale. We got after it, and had the whole river to ourselves. Fishing is good. Nymphing, and especially the streamer fishing. This is the best thing that can happen. These storms have got us off life support. Lake Tahoe is filling up, Boca, Stampede, Donner. Honestly, I might have had to sell real estate if it weren’t for the last few months, and I’m too rough around the edges for that. Remember. I have a Streamer Clinic on January 28th. If you want to introduce yourself to a big brown, learn to streamer fish.     Remember I have a Streamer Clinic on January
  • Winter Streamer Clinic January 28 2023
    Winter Streamer Clinic Saturday, January 28th. Hopefully the weather cooperates, lol. Been a crazy winter. If the weathers gnarly, we will reschedule for February. This will be a winter streamer clinic. How to fish steamers in winter. I oftentimes don’t even bother nymphing in the winter, as the streamer can out fish the nymph rig. Big and small streamers. How to strip, how to strip set. Leaders and tippet. Casts. What water to target. I’ll go over everything to catch winter trout on the Truckee River. We will fish my jig streamers. But all streamers are welcomed, ha ha. Cost is $250.00. We’ll go from 11-3. We’ll do the clinic right here in Hirschdale. I’ll meet everyone up off the Hirschdale exit under the I-80 bridge. Please call if you’d like to attend. 775.351.6665.    
  • Truckee River Fly Fishing Report January 2 2023
    What a crazy winter on the Truckee River already. I’d say we’re doing pretty good snow wise now. That last storm was no joke. The Truckee River could have hit flood stage, if on Saturday, the rain hadn’t turned to snow. Then we got about 2 feet after about 5 inches of rain. River rose up to about 4000k here in Hirschdale, and now is back down to around 800 cfs. We have great fishy flows all up and down the river now. You probably ain’t finding anywhere to park unless you go down past Floriston. Just too much snow. They even got a foot of snow in Reno. So, we’re going to have more rain and snow for the next few weeks. We could have a big one again on the 9th. If you can get up here between storms, you’re going to have some great winter fishing. I’ve been kinda waiting for this.